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“Make First Impressions Count!”

Camden Gardens is based on award-winning containerized plantings, exterior hanging baskets, and striking exterior plantings.  It’s what established our reputation.  Our clients work with us to design, install and maintain their commercial and residential exterior landscapes.  Landscaping is the first impression – make it count.

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Exterior Landscape Services

Our service division is a team of experienced, trained horticulturalists who look after your landscape investment. We work extensively with property management companies and owners designing, installing, and maintaining attractive and efficient landscapes. Good landscapes add value and enhance the daily experience of your tenants and their customers.

Services Provided:

  • Year-round Scheduled Maintenance
  • Shrub & Tree Pruning
  • Organic, Non-toxic Pest Control & Fertilization
  • Exterior Comprehensive Service Plan
  • Complete Exterior Design Services
  • Pruning; Arboreal Service
  • Leaf Removal
  • Lawn Renovation; Fertilization